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Trash Talk Tourny 2003 - Bkln vs. L.I.

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Here we go folks, the trash talking has started and some members are signing up for the first "Trash Talk Tourny". This first round will be Brooklyn vs. Long Island. If you have any interest in a friendly contest between neighbors, here's your chance.

Few things:
- I am not the organizer.
- This was started in another thread.
- I made the stupid suggestion that we create a new thread about it and got "volunteered" to post this.
- We have no rules yet, just interested members who want bragging rights.
- It's all open at this point and wouldn't mind some ideas or an official organizer of some sort.
- so far we have no prizes, but what's better than bragging rights?
- If there's nobody who can spearhead this contest, then I guess I will do it if there's enough interest.
- George, if you're listening, we are open to ideas. Perhaps this can be used as guinea pig event for future events/trips.

Good Luck!

ps: please do not PM, just let it all hang out here - Q's and thoughts.
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Since the replies are being posted in "Ask the Pros" let's post there.
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