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what is the height clearance on highways? do you guys know about the clearance on most roads/highways between long island and MA? i am planning on trailering this summer from long island to gloucester and wonder what kind of trouble i may find. my boat goes up to almost 13 feet with the radar post up.
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Height on your Interstates and Major Highways are 13'6".

You shouldn't have any problems running from where your leaving to where your going on the Main Arteries, but watch out if your on Side Roads.

You can Purchase Atlas's that have Low Bridges Listed in them.

I don't know anywhere around here that has them, but you can stop on your travel @ a Truck Stop and pick one up.

Let me know if this helps, and if you need any information on your Route, let me know what roads your Traveling, as I have one of these Atlas's, and can give you some Info.
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