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I really would like to do some top-water fishing for bass and blues this season. I boat out in Moriches, and I know you need to look for the birds, but quite honestly, I rarely see them diving in any significant numbers.

Am I more likely to find this at a certaint time of the day?

Should I activly rund the bay looking for them?

How about other methods of locating fish? Is there places in the bay where bunker are more likely to congregate?

Much thanks in advance.


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You don't need no steenkin birds!

I've been fishing moriches with topwater for the past couple of years, I'm definetly no expert, but can offer you a few tips...
#1:Look for structure (the edge of a bar, a shoreline near deep water (east cut) even the mussel beds in Harts cove).
#2: Look for bait. Sometimes the bait will be worked into jumping or showing themselves. But more often than not, in the clear waters of moriches, you will be able to see the bait swimming around the boat. A good pair of polarized sunglasses helps you spot the bait.
#3: Look for current.
If you have an area with the 3 things I mentioned above, shut down and start plugging, oh and keep a good grip on your rod. The hits on topwater can be pretty savage. If topwater doesn't produce, try a 1/2 to 3/4 oz. bucktail with a porkrind trailer.
Good luck and post reports when you get out.
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