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Tommycod must prefer rivers, because I've never seen them East of Little Neck Bay. Any of the lower Hudson piers has plenty though, with Englewood at the center of the action.
College Point has enough of them to target. At Tallmans Island, for example.
Take Van Wyck to 20th Av, turn towards the stores (right turn if you're coming from CIP)
Take 20th Av to 127 St, turn right, and follow 127 to the end. Park.
There is a footpath (paved) leading approximately left, follow it to the pier.
The pier is "L" shaped, Tommycod seem to like the INSIDE corner of the "L".
They will take Sands, but seem to prefer Bloodworms.

This is an interesting place. A bit of exploring will reveal a warm water discharge.
It is intermittant, so it doesn't HOLD fish, but sometimes it sure attracts them!
The outside of the old pier is best for chunkers, while the extension is best for other species,
like Snappers, Blackfish (small), Sea Bass (small) and Bergalls.
Use small baits and hooks, slices of Shrimp from the can, pieces of Chicken McNugget etc.
Fish as close to a piling as you can get it. One minute per piling is more than enough. Keep moving. Dress warm, the wind chill is wicked on the pier!
A livelined Bergall is probably your best ticket to a moby Striper here. Don't cast to Europe!
Remember, the Bass like "structure" too. 15' is plenty far enough. You don't want to get snagged.
This is one of those places where fishing is something people do until they run out of beer.

There is a backside to Tallmans as well.
At the end of 127th St, turn right and continue to the dead end. Park, and continue to walk in the same direction you were driving. You will come to the Western shoreline of Powells cove. With the exception of Bluefish cornering Bunker here, the fishery is limited to school-sized Stripers and Flounder (gulp). Just what the doctor ordered for cabin fever, the action in March/April can be outstanding! Hint: Pick a sunny day and an incoming tide.
Plenty of March/April stripers come up on Flounder hooks.

I am sorry to say the mentality here is to keep EVERYTHING you catch.
It is so prevalent, I had to get in someone's face who challenged me for releasing shorts.
Seemed to work just fine. Then again, I am large.
Enforcement of marine law is virtually nil here, as DEC region 2 is spread WAY too thin.
I can't even get them to post minimum length signs on the footbridge over CIP at 35 Av.
They would probably have to be multilingual anyway.

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