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Hey all, I am a new poster here, so I figured it get in here and maybe give you some tips if you don't already know them.

I'm 21, live on Staten Island, and surf fish mostly flats. Sometimes topwater presentations are most effective, and are definitely an exciting way to fish.

Im gonna start with Jointed (Or 2 piece) Cotton Cordell RedFins. If you bend the eye (where you tie your not or snap) downward, it will cause the lure to run at a higher level, play with the different angles, but keep it vertically straight, otherwise your plug will run to the left or to the right.

Ever heard of a Javelin? I'm not sure who the manufacture is but they are great lures. Especially when you modify it a little bit. These lures have a plastic lip. If you heat the lip up, fortunately i have a blowtorch :), and bend the lip at about a 85 degree angle downward. Then bend the bottom of the pastic lip forward just a hair. Be sure not to apply the direct flame to the lip and not to leave it in heat too long as to not melt the lip. Also, try replacing the back treble hook with a single bucktailed hook. This lure will roll through the surf like no other plug. They also cast great if you get the hang of em. On many occasion when nothing works, a Javelin gets a fish on. This was the case at Sandy Hook this weekend with a 10lb bass.

Laters all..James ;)
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