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time to clean the waders!!

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Yikes! I actually threw mine in the back of the car late last fall and haven't even opened them until today. WHEW!!! rinsed and soaked them in cold water and now they are hanging in the shower, nice and clean and fresh smelling, believe it or not!. They are sterns breathable bootfoot waders. Cost me $70 3 yrs ago. Love 'em!!!! Yes, I do, even if I do treat them badly.

Any suggestions as to how I should go about looking for leaks. I noticed last season that water was starting to seep into my calves around the seam with the neoprene bootfoot. I'd like to seal them up and do any patching now before spring when I will really need them.
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aqua seal is the best 8 bucks ever spent.... i got dots all of my snowbees...if find a new leak and cant wait the cure time i use hot glue
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