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Tilefish reel, anything comparable to Simano Torsa?

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thinkign of possibly investing in a good reel for this, but i know the torsa is not cheap.

I have fished both the torsa and torium on a charter. felt the torsa was considerably better, but the condition were different when i fished the two.

I have also heard about the saltigas, but never fished one or even seen one.

any thoughts?
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This year I became addicted to tile fishing,several trips on the voyager. Started w/ a penn6/0&4/0 Red the 6/0 was far more than needed the 4/0 was quite suitable both had 80lb braid ,a few guys w/ the diawa saltiga? or saltist? 50 were, on a few drifts spooled . In my thinking to want the best I opted for torium 50 4.9/1 ratio holds over 500yds of 80lb hollow never got close to seeing the spool . Let me tell you cranking 700 or so ft at that ratio hooked up is more than a work out. The trinadad 40 was a bit more user freindly only because it was narrower and it still was never close to being spooled . Still wasn't fun to crank. At that point I felt the penn 4/0 worked with much less effort.but at 3.3/1 I wanted something a bit faster and the 4/0 was a bit wide, Got a penn baja from Cabella's $139 , holds more than enough 65lb braid.and is as narrow as the trinadad 40 weighs about the same and I expect the 4.25/1 will be a joyous compromise to reel in
I have an electramate 6/0 which is a real monster but weighs a ton and needs a sizable battery. The new diawa power assist reels as DandJfish purchased are a much wiser choice. In hind sight I find I was happier with the penn 4/0 and should have purchased the elec.assit in lieu of the torium. When I finally get to use the penn Baja I may change my mind.
Next year I'll get the Tanacom bull and fish in style

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John , Do you jig for tiles also? What model Seekers?
I would think that the 3/0 might not have sufficient drag capability, guess I was wrong

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