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Tilefish reel, anything comparable to Simano Torsa?

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thinkign of possibly investing in a good reel for this, but i know the torsa is not cheap.

I have fished both the torsa and torium on a charter. felt the torsa was considerably better, but the condition were different when i fished the two.

I have also heard about the saltigas, but never fished one or even seen one.

any thoughts?
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i like my avet lx loaded with 50 lb braid .holds plenty on line no problem with 300 plus yrds of spectra.i know alot of anglers dont like the lever drag and prefer the star drag but i prefer to be able to see where my drag setting is especaly for big cod they tend rip off with the braid.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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