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Tilefish reel, anything comparable to Simano Torsa?

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thinkign of possibly investing in a good reel for this, but i know the torsa is not cheap.

I have fished both the torsa and torium on a charter. felt the torsa was considerably better, but the condition were different when i fished the two.

I have also heard about the saltigas, but never fished one or even seen one.

any thoughts?
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Tilefishing Reel

My wife and i do a bit of Tilefishing (Lol). It all depends upon how much you want to spend, and how much you are going to use it. For many, many years we used nothing but Penn 4/0s filled with 80 lb Braid. Landed plenty of big tiles over 35 lbs on this setup. Last year we invested in electrics. Both have their time and place but overall i would highly recommend the electrics if you are seriously going to really get into Tilefishing. The problem with some of the reels that you mentioned is that they do not hold enough line for "some" of the situations that you will be faced with.

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Please keep in mind

We do "most" of our Tilefishing with Steve on the Viking. Steve is always looking for new Tile grounds, some of which are located in 1,200-1,500 ft of water. Nothing worse than hitting one of these deep spots and not having enough line on the reel to fish them properly. The Seaborg that i purchased last year was the 700MT (i believe). Which hold appx, 500 yds of 80lb braid plus a 60ft topshot of 60 lb test mono. To me this is a great choice as it holds plenty of line for those really deep spots, and it has a fast retrive button which allows you to switch from fast retrieve to added power with the push of a button. As daddyo stated i also carry spare 4/0s filled with 80lb braid and have found these to be the best choice for handcranking.
3/0 senator

A 3/0 senator would hold enough 80 lb braid for "most" situations, but a 4/0 holds enough to cover all situations. 4/0 would be your better bet. Besides the Electrice i usually carry 4 additional setups. All are set up on Seeker rods with 4/0 reels, and 80 lb braid. 2 are for jigging and the other 2 are set up as spares, and are sometimes used when we hit a Wreckfish wreck.
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