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Tilefish reel, anything comparable to Simano Torsa?

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thinkign of possibly investing in a good reel for this, but i know the torsa is not cheap.

I have fished both the torsa and torium on a charter. felt the torsa was considerably better, but the condition were different when i fished the two.

I have also heard about the saltigas, but never fished one or even seen one.

any thoughts?
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A Diawa Saltist 40 with 80# braid would take over 1,200' of line and would work well. I use a Saltist 30 on a jigging rod for tuna and it does double duty for tiles and is nice and smooth and powerful, but with only about 900' of line, it's a little small for regular use.

And of course, a ride to Trophy Tackle to check out the small, compact, Diawa electric reels would be great for regular use.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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