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i have worked with captain wasserman to set up a tilefish charter on the capt lou VI. it will be a 24 hour trip and our main target will be tilefish. we may also make a few deep drops on some wrecks for wreckfish and large hake

last year i was lucky enough to get invited on a few tile trips on his 6 pack boat and they were awesome to say the lease. each trip averaged 75 beautiful tiles with most of the fish going over 20lbs. he is a very experienced bottom fisherman and really knows his stuff.

here are the details
boat: Capt Lou VI, freeport ny
cost: $300 (tip not included)
departure: 8/10 at 12:30 boarding at 12:15
return: sometime after midnight 8/11
30 persom max
we will fish from 7am-6pm

payment info: a $100 deposite is due when you book the trip and the balance must be paid 5 days prior to the trip.

please post or PM me if you are interested

if you have any questions please contact capt wasserman at 516-369-1646

1) Barry W
2) Rocco
3) Tom101284
4) Joe B
5) Dave
6) Fishfinder13
7) mike silverman
8 ) john doxsea
9) Ahmed
10) Mike Cangemi
11) dwight stewart
12) jimbo
13) tom mcgarrie

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This trip sounds very interesting!
Is there still room on the boat?
What the max. # of people for this trip?
Will everyone get a bunk bed?
So the boat is leaving the dock at 12 midnight on Sunday night and will return after midnight on Monday night?
How deep will we be fishing?
I'd like to use my Daiwa Seaborg 500 electric reel...

Thanks for the info!

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tile trip

bring the electrice reel 400 to 600ft up to 750 ft yes their is room no bunk room all of our benches are cushioned or bring a air mattress for our enclosed upper deck. leaving at midnight on sun day this will be a good trip also will provide 110 if u need to recharge battery for electrice reels......more info or to book call me at 516 369 1646

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tile fish trip

we will be fishing 1 side it over 78 feet of rail per side i fish up to 4o per side with no problem the max is 30 on this trip......more than enouf room we put the coo;ers and spare rods on the other side of the boat...... i will update the list mon.. after the office opens and the run some more cc

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seahab wrote:
is this trip all filled up?
would definitly like to go.

For some reason, there are still spots left. This trip will be great for tilefish and close to lots of people. Less then an hour from Queens, Bronx and NYC. Capt. Wasserman is a great tilefish capt.

contact capt wasserman at 516-369-1646 to get a spot seahab.
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