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I'm looking to set myself up with new surf casting equipment. I had finally decided on getting the Shimano Baitrunner 4500A and a 10' Penn graphite surf rod. My local bait and tackle didn't have any Shimano Baitrunners in stock, BUT they had a TICA SPORTERA SR4507. So I took a look. WOW this reel offers alot of great features and feels soild and smooth. Now i'm torn. I can't seem to find anyone who has had any experience with this reel or any TICA products. The Baitrunner has a great history but after picking up the TICA I may have to go with it.

Does any one have any info or experience with TICA products or the SPORTERA reel particularly. Thanks for all your help.



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From what I hear Tica reels are very good reels.Not too familiar with them
but the say the Taurus & Dolphin series
are great for surf casting.(LURES)
These reels have lots of bells & whistles like 11 ballbearings etc..
These reels are abit expensive though.
Price range I believe is over $200
As for tossing bait with a Tica reel
not quite familiar with that model.
I also havent seen too many websites that sells them or tackle shops.
I like to see what I'm buying first.
I use Penn reels but If I ever decided
to make a switch I would definetly look
into Tica Reels.

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I have the tica 4507 and you can't beat it for the price . very smooth and the reel has some power to it. and i also have the 6500 baitrunner.can't go wrong with either one 4500 or 4507.but save yourself a few dollars with the 4507. check out my friend rich at tell him that gil from Brooklyn sent you or check him out on ebay for that tica.

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