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Tica Reels Anyone Know their Shipping Address?

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I Have A Tica Reel that has to be
mailed back to the manufacturer for repair does anyone know their Shipping Address I went to their website and could not find a shiping return address
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According to

the catalog in my hand it says "warranty service cnter in America" TICA USA INC

TEL- 1-704-3982850
FAX- 1-704-3980481

Yes, that is EXactly what it says?! I never heard of that state myself but then again.
Uncle gary
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Upon further

inspection of said catalog the business card falls out:
Andrew Merritt
Authorized Tica Rod And Reel Dealer
228 Cherry street
East Greenville
PA. 18041

TEL 215-541-0854

Good Luck
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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