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Tica Reels Anyone Know their Shipping Address?

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I Have A Tica Reel that has to be
mailed back to the manufacturer for repair does anyone know their Shipping Address I went to their website and could not find a shiping return address
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Thank You unclegary47 and rayhope,
rayhope your address was correct and Thank You once again Fisherfriends like you guys are what makes this website so great
I have the Gemini Baitcaster it really didn't stand up to Salwater very well I take very good care of my reels and clean them in fresh water after every use this reel started to pit even though I even the reel sparyed on occasion with
WD 40 as well also the reel blew up on
me while reeling in a Bluefish the right side screw popped off and the reel froze solid I had to hand line the fish in before releaseing it I understand the company has a very good reputation and warants its reel all I can tell you is the the reel is a very smooth reel and even though it was pitting on me it was a good reel but it really needs a very good cleaning when you come back from a day of Saltwater
Guess what I just a call today from
Tica Service center at work no less appologizing for the problem I had with their reel they are sending me a brand new replacement free of charge they claim they have a new finish on their
newer model and they have the pitting problem solved talk about great service
I know I will be looking into their
newer model reels now that I just got so great service
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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