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thru hull transducer

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few years back I installed a raymarine c80 with 4kw dome gps ant. and the dsm 300 the one part i never finished was the transducer i got a in hull but when moveing it around to find a place it just never read right. I have a thru hull (large) that use to be used for a furuno crt was thinking of haveing it removed and a new one for the raymarine put in its place any thoughts on this.? Also what would you think this would cost me???
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Check out the new xducr from Raymarine...

B60 series is a thru-hull transducer which dosen't require a fairing block. It mounts thru the hull like a regular fitting but has a leveling "EYE" built into it..there are two different units...

1) 8 to 15 degrees

2) 16 to 24 degrees

find out what the deadrise of your hull is where the ducer will be mounted and choose which one works for you...these new transducers are both bunk and roller safe if anyone is conserned about thru hull transducers and trailering there boats...No need for fairing block with this style..thats why they make two different units depending on the hulls deadrise...

They retail for $279.99 and I must have sold about 6 this past weekend for West Marine during there tent sale in West Islip, NY

These ducers will work with DSM300

just trying to help...
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