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thru hull transducer

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few years back I installed a raymarine c80 with 4kw dome gps ant. and the dsm 300 the one part i never finished was the transducer i got a in hull but when moveing it around to find a place it just never read right. I have a thru hull (large) that use to be used for a furuno crt was thinking of haveing it removed and a new one for the raymarine put in its place any thoughts on this.? Also what would you think this would cost me???
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Use your old hole

If you have an old Furuno ducer in there now find the modle number and try and get the same size hole usually they are standard sizes
Next Air maire makes the ducers for Raymarine so thye are all the same except for wiring configuration to the back of the unit and power and elemements

This is the basic 600w model and do use a fairing block, Even though they make eyeball units the block helps elimante wash and itnerference

option 1
600 Watt Bronze through hull transducer with depth speed and temperature. Includes high speed fairing(B744V)
MSRP: $410.00 U.S. Dollars
They have this in a Vand Vl model depending onthe size of the shaft

option 2
1000 Watt High Performance bronze through hull transducer with temperature. (B25
Fairing block included
MSRP: $800.00 U.S. Dollars
This has less elements then the commercial B260 but fo rthe money it is a 1000w ducer and my choice unless money is not an issue
you can go with the B256 as well but the 258 is the newer model
option 3 the best one
1000 Watt Ultra-High Performance "Broadband" bronze through hull transducer with temperature. Includes fairing block (B260)
MSRP: $1,100.00 U.S. Dollars
This babay has the most elements and the best picture for yuor unit
This also needs like 24" to mount and weighs around 30 lbs
the next modle up is the same ducer but in a SS model
1000 Watt Ultra High Performance stainless steel through hull transducer with temperature. (SS560) Fairing block included
MSRP: $1,470.00 U.S. Dollars

Like i stated these are all standard Airmar ducers
If you need mor einfo Pm me on the matter but I think your best choic eis to remove your old one in there now and match the ducer and install the new block would work fine

As far as the shoot thriu there is amny factors that will prevent you from it working correctly
number one is the hull type, and the othe ris the way you tried it was incorrect will not work with any air between the bottom of the ducer and the null.
You need to silicone it in and keep pressure on till it dries
A quick fix we used to do was get clay and wedge it agaisnt a stringer and build it up and put the ducer in the clay this will give you a decent picture to test location of placement

But you have thru hull already so fill in the whole with a new one
Laboe to do that should be from 2 to 3 hrs so figure 100 per hrs plus your haul and the price of the ducer

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The Furuno is the 1k watt ducer i told you about
It may be cheaper to go for the new ducer with an exact replacement then to fiberglass the old hole and then drill again

Where are you located? I can reccommned a place if Freeport

As far as 600 to 1k you will see only a slight differnece for top water bottom is where the more elements will out produce

In all honesty it is not a big job and the most ecpensive part is the ducer. pm me and i'll give you the info you need as well as try and get you a better price on the ducer
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