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thru hull transducer

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few years back I installed a raymarine c80 with 4kw dome gps ant. and the dsm 300 the one part i never finished was the transducer i got a in hull but when moveing it around to find a place it just never read right. I have a thru hull (large) that use to be used for a furuno crt was thinking of haveing it removed and a new one for the raymarine put in its place any thoughts on this.? Also what would you think this would cost me???
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depending on labor rate and 600 or 1kw transducer could run upwards of 1500 bucks.

i did my own install with the exceptiion of angle cutting the airmar block and it was still pushing 1000 bucks for a 1kw unit.
to remove old one cut block then install new one would say 6-8 hours of labor rates . barring any issues. cored hull might be a litle more
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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