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Three Rescued From Sinking Vessel

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"The three fisherman were in a life raft, wearing protective dry suits and had a working Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) on board," said Lt. j.g. Kristin Kistler, Coast Guard Sector Long Island Sound command duty officer. "Being prepared helped save their lives."

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Good morning JR:

Before anyone starts screaming about this thread being started here:
men rescued off sinking boat out of fire island inlet

There were some questions asked that were not clearly answered.

The boat was a commercial lobster boat from New Bedford that caught in 10 foot and greater seas in Gale Force winds gusting close to 45-50 mph which caused the vessel to take on water.

Initial survival by the crew as in part to training in donning immersion or what is commonly known as GUMBY SUITS and quickly having a life raft to deploy and crawl into once in the water. A EPIRB was deployed and there location broadcast to the Coast Guard.

The US Coast Guard has few stations with aviation type rescue ability and I believe the two closest are off the Cape in Mass. and one in Atlantic City. Both have a RESCUE SWIMMER that is part of their flight crew in case they have to be deployed into the water once a vessel has sunk.

It is questionable about the respone times coming from such a great distance, but this is a prime example of having:
1-Training and preparedness in survival techniqes when a sinking is about to occur-
2-Broadcasting your location and having a EPIRB so authorites can send HELP to find you-

These men were out in commercial fishing vessel during the winter and these type of situations are common in which you are caught in dangerous seas. Things will happen very quickly and it could of been a situation where the vessel was trying to get into the closest port, and the conditions just overpowered the vessel causing it to sink.

It is just a reminder that if you do fish during the winter, you should at least a survival suit for each member onboard, and they should have a idea on how to QUICKLY don the immersion suit. When I say quickly, they should be put on in less then 1 minute and 30 seconds. The may-day call should be made with the location and number of people on the vessel, along with the name of the vessel being the primary information you relay to the Coast Guard or to anyone else who will attempt to rescue you.

Get clear of the vessel if it is about to sink, so as not to be pulled under either by the vessel itself or by anything that can entangle you. Then ALL members must stay together, if possible out of the water holding onto large debrie or in your life raft to aid in being seen by the rescuing units, either marine or aviation.

Sinkings are never something one really plans on being involved with, but proper attention to the details will drastically raise the odds in YOU AND YOUR CREW BEING FOUND once you are in the water.

Here is a clip on the NYPDs Aviation Unit, along with our Air Sea Rescue Unit which is involved in a number of rescues every year of vessels and persons that go into the water. As always, respone time is the key, and they have a record of traveling out to various locations far from NYC to in fact make a rescue if they receive a distress call:

Going back to the article, thankfully all the persons survived, and that is the KEY, the survival of everyone when ever these water-borne emergencies occur.

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