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Three oz sinker killed a fisherman

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A fisherman was killed by a 3 oz sinker as the sinker came out of water and hit him in the face at Jones Beach jetty on Friday.
While we ar not allowed overhead cast on party boats on the East Coast, party boats on the West Coast and Gulf of Mexico allow overhead cast and I always feel uncomfortable whenever I fish on party boats there as I know how dangerous it can be.
We should exercise extra caution when casting or lifting fish on jigs or poppers.

3 0z sinker killed a fisherman
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SORTIE wrote:
is this the fourth or fifth thread on this topic?

What's the have a little trouble counting that high??

The worst is when you see a jig come free from the fishes mouth and hurling toward the rail and you or the guy next to you if you are lucky. :):) OUCH WHEN THAT HAPPENS!:rolleyes: Won't diamond jig on a party boat for blues cause of that....too many drunken bums
and idiots
....on land I like those guys for amusement.
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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