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This Weekend! Out of Montauk, West, East, Short, Long???

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Heading out for 2 day trips this weekend from Montauk. Looking at OceanTemp and seems to be no real breaks in temp down in the tails, dip, middle grounds, but some breaks down the 725 line, 525 across. Anyone hear of any fish being caught nearer to the 500 line vs going to the deeps??? My thought is to run down the 725 line and put em in at 525. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Weather looks like aces, so I hope everyone can raise em up this weekend. Good Luck!!
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There is a nice 2 degree break in the area of the 600 right now. It's a little out of the way from montauk though, maybe another 10-15 nm cruising distance.

I was thinking of dropping in at the little tails and heading to the dip.
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