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They are still pushing hard...

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...for MPAs. Wanted to post and remind everyone that this fight is still looming and the enviros are going to be pushing it harder and harder as time goes on. Hope everyone will be ready to fight these when the time comes.

Nonsense from the Sac. Bee (CA)

"This proposal, however, is coming under sharp attack from recreational anglers, including charter boat captains who are part of the American Sportfishing Association. They claim that Proposal 4, if implemented, would cause a 30 percent reduction in sales and use-tax revenues from recreational fishing on the northern Central Coast, largely because of its impact on the charter boat industry. They favor an option that would place only 8.9 percent of the coastal waters in marine reserves."


And yet, the paper then says that they should go with the bigger MPA? :confused: In their own words, they say that they should close off the places people rely on for fishing: "...they need to include large expanses of the best remaining habitat."

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