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Thanks to one of the great fishermen i speak to, he mentioned a jig that is extremely popular out on the west coast for catching cod and halibut on...its unique in the sense that the hooks are not on the bottom, but placed on the top and side of the jig, lessening the chance of it fouling on the bottom. The skirts come in many of our familiar squid skirt colors, that we see being used on top notch cod boats like the BUNNY CLARK from Maine. It is designed to sink very quickly making it perfect for fishing in heavy tidal areas, and or deep water. Since we are talking about the best cod jigs, i thought this was appropriate, to bring the west coasts top cod jig, to our attention.

Heres a little article and pics on this jig:



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I didn't even know that folks out west fished for cod. Many, many years ago, my uncle's family was associated with a part time commercial salmon fisherman and I used to go on the boat to help out. That meant reeling in the tackle (downrigger reels attached to outrigger poles running baits rigged off the main cable), replacing bait, and unhooking the trash fish. Trash fish included cod (not rock cod), whiting (huge 5#) and flounders (aka ping pong paddles), and short salmon. Anyway, we threw back a lot of these, especially the whiting. We kept the occasional flounder, but the rest either went back or was kept for crab bait. Would fish for rockcod on the drift with salmon rods, but in the pre braid days, it was a pain. Regular cod just got tossed back. Wonder if it is still like that.
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