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Thanks to one of the great fishermen i speak to, he mentioned a jig that is extremely popular out on the west coast for catching cod and halibut on...its unique in the sense that the hooks are not on the bottom, but placed on the top and side of the jig, lessening the chance of it fouling on the bottom. The skirts come in many of our familiar squid skirt colors, that we see being used on top notch cod boats like the BUNNY CLARK from Maine. It is designed to sink very quickly making it perfect for fishing in heavy tidal areas, and or deep water. Since we are talking about the best cod jigs, i thought this was appropriate, to bring the west coasts top cod jig, to our attention.

Heres a little article and pics on this jig:



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Those jigs should work well for straight up and down stuff over a wreck or nasty bottom, I wonder if they will foul the line on a cast. You might be able to rig up something similar with just a regular 16 or 20 oz sinker just to try.
Nice Ling!
Just when we thought it was safe to go back in the water.
BC fisherman of the year, Fred Kunz only uses the 16 oz angerman jig and on a few trips last year it hurt him. The fish were aggressively attacking baitfish and the smaller plated jigs outfished the big angermans by a wide margin. The big angermans in my opinion are tools for deep water and big currents. Moral of the story= give them what they want.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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