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The Penn reel company has been sold

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The Penn reel company has been sold !

Gulp ! heres the link
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I have a few Penn reels.
They can definetly take alot of punishment and cannot complain.
Neither reel has ever failed me and always performed reeling in any fish I ever caught.

I would agree there are other brands out there more upto date with technology.
You have shimano's, Tica, Abu , Diawa emblem z series etc...

I just bought a tica reel to use in the surf this year. Havent used it yet but it feels awesome! 10 ballbearings super smooth!!

I will say this... if any of my Penn reels ever brake I will more than likely
by a different brand.

Dont get me wrong penn makes a good product but for a few more $$$ you can get a reel with more bells & whistles!
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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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