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The new Pro?

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Well Iwas reading the fishing reports and saw this from the real professional:)
Man this is good? And by the way Grady made a 26ft boat?
This guy needs to be a speaker at the winter bash all for it say I:)

Ladies and gentleman the tautog are in!With the wind kicking up late yesterday I avoided the inlet(to rough for my 26 grady),and decided to do some early mornin togging.Right choice,non stop action.After fishing hard for 3 hours and having weary arms,I caught over 15 tog and even more bergals.The tog were too small to keep,but that will change soon as water temps continue to drop,great day on the h2o.Tight lines(THE PROFESSIONAL)Capt.Matt
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Will the real PROFESSIONAL please stand up!

I have to admit I came to this guys defense a while back on the reports, sent him some PM's to make sure he was legit. Well lets just say I've been had. Was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. He's kind of like the masked magician....

Oh yeah with out steping on a pro's toes. TM they make a GW 26' Express.
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