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The lakes are waking up......!

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I have been checking out the local lakes on the S. shore i.e. Massapequa Res. Wantagh twin lakes all 3 , caroons, Argyle , and Southards pond.

They are coming alive. Bass are on the prowl, and pickeral but they are out of season. Holdover trout are feeding pretty good. The new stocking is going to take place this coming week. Panfish,like bluegills, white and yellow perch are in the eating mood. Soon enough the crappies will start there migration toward the shore line.

Its all coming together. With the flounder not in the feeding mood yet, hit the sweetwater for some action!!!

See you all out there......
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Way out EAST is alive! Had 23 bass on last Monday, 4 -3 the rest 2-2.5. Wish there was a tournament on for that session. LATER
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