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The Jack & Dino fishing show

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I seen this show on T.V. a while back and was just curious if that was you Roslynny & your friend Jack?
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yes, that was our show

jack and dino fishing show, that was us was it 6 or 7 years ago, the terrors of public access cable

your a real sharpie to figure that out skid row

you not the weakest link


i think i speak for jack and i when i thank you all in advance in out television efforts to set recreational fishing back 10 years thru our misguided efforts at fishing show/fishing web page production

with the problems of saltwater corrosion on our sony hi-8 machine, constant sound problems(wind and flopping fish), produstion woes(3/4" professional tape) and horrible scripts(written by us),

if it werent for the bucket mouth bass and monster blues we caught on tape and broacast across the country i would not be here today

as former tv fishing show stars, again we thank you that actually watched out show for more than 30 seconds

like we used to say on the show...."If you ain't gonna' cook em'...unhook em'!" or something like that

little side note, one of our guest stars, rob mazzei a dedicated fisherman expert in inshore, off shore and surf. he moved on the recent years to getting his coast guard captains license and operetaing a charter near boca raton in florida. runs for sails, sharks, kings, dolphin and inshore fish also.

he at

we shut down the operation of the show, some episodes are still in the rotation at broadcasters around the usa

we both ran out of time for the show, althiough we actually had fans writeing us letters and emails, we were spotted at fishing spots, malls, driveing around by interested fans, females even!

i think jack actually "hooked up" with females because of our fishing show fame

all in all thanks

skid row or other viewing members, did you liked the show?

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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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