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The Jack & Dino fishing show

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I seen this show on T.V. a while back and was just curious if that was you Roslynny & your friend Jack?
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you caught us ,**** the members in here are as sharp as a marble!!
well i did "hook up" once with a female thanks to out star status,actually i said i was Dino ,she was blonde and fell for it. but that escapade cost me 20 bucks at the clinic and 7 shots of penicillin.

ahhhh i wish i could regain that fame and also the hair and teeth i lost since then.

we were living high on the hog back then ,we actually caught a fish once in awhile,well ok,our assistants did then passed the rod to us.HEY that was tough work we had to put the beer down and reel.

we are trying to put a new show together it is going to be called"fat old men doing something"we might even try fishing again.

and as we used to say "if you ain't going to cook em....un hook em"
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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