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Hey Al ,Hows things going with you? Things are ok here. I will be going to the freeport show ,I dont know when yet, hope to see you there.Im trying to teach the dog to find me some FISH LOL.I here some people have been taking your blackfish,we need better law enforsment.see you soon JUDquote:


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Bobbs wrote:
Is there a website or info for this show? I would like to find out the hours and seminar schedule and topics.

Hi bob, Here is the website address.

Digitalguy wrote:
I'll be there. I hope the feller from R&G is there. I would love to speak to him about light spinning gear for Fluke. I was lucky enough to catch the show on ESPN.

Hi, I spoke to my buddy Rich and he told me that he has other commitments. However, stop by his shop and he'll gladly speak to ya.

spacegh8st wrote:
I am going specifically to attend all the surf related seminars and maybe see if there are any good buys. It'll be my first show.

Hello Space,
The Freeport Show is not going to disappoint you!

If you are going to the Surf fishing shows... You should attend Atilla Ozturk (Extreme Surfcasting), Bill Wetzel ( Reading the Beach) and Tom Melton's (Montauk Surfishing) sessions.

JudFisher wrote:
I will be going to the freeport show ,I dont know when yet, hope to see you there...

Hi, I will be there all three days, look for me because I will be all over the place!

Hey Gamakatsu... I got your message - I am looking forward to meeting you too!

"Crazy" Alberto
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It is going to be a long weekend for the "rod prof, Al Goldberg" and me.

We have a double booth just inside the entrance.

We will have demo rods, personal rods and blanks for sale, 1st quality and blems.

For those who have not seen the demo on the "stable rod" you are in for a treat. I will be demonstrating it at the booth.

Stop by and say "hello"

Capt Neil

Have Fun Fishing. Capt Neil
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How are things going? Its been a while and I'm in the process of some big changes. The boat is still in Montauk, but that's also going to change this spring. Where are you working these days?

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