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The Dip Aug 21'/22

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Went on an overnighter to the Dip. Arrived there around 5pm and trolled till dark with just a few skippies, so we figured that would be a good place to set up for the night. After a quick bbq of some shish kabobs I brought for the grill, we began chunking in about 1500ft and had nonstop action all night. Bait of choice seemed to be live squid although they did eat chunks also. 50ft down was the depth. As soon as I counte out 50 of the reel the line was taken right out of my hand. If I put a bait down 80ft not a touch. At around 1:30 the deep sword line starts going off and a short time later we boated a small but tasty 57' swordfish. Ended up the night with 10 ylf to 40 pounds and the sword with prob about 20 throwbacks and a couple bigger fish lost at the boat due to the light leader we were using(60# floro) Up in the morn on the troll we for some reason could not get anything going.Trolled till around 1pm and ended up with a white marlin and that was it for us.
I did see the most awesome sight Ive ever seen offshore in my life. As we were trolling I was scanning the water around us for some life when about 20 yard off our port side of the boat a huuuge Great White breaches and comes 10 feet out of the water like you see on the discovery channel!! We think it must have been tring to attack something to eat as this was the most unreal thing I will probably ever see in my life out there. What a great trip!!
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Nice to hear you had a good trip Steve. BBQ sounds like a nice touch! Great White? Outrageous! Which boat were you on?
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