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The Boat ramp in Great Kills

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It is amazing how many inconsiderate people there were at the boat ramp in Great Kills this weekend. It is really simple people?..prior to dropping your boat in the water make sure you have everything in the boat. Waiting until the boat is in the water is not the time to pack the boat. After you drop you boat in the water, make room for other boats. The ramp is over 40 ft and there are other people waiting in line as well. Don?t just drop your boat in the water and tie up blocking the ramp for anyone else. Walk the boat down the remainder of the ramp to allow other boats to be dropped.

When retrieving your boat, again, make room for other boats. Wait until the boat is out of the water until you unpack your boat.

Just my 2 cents.
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uh......that should be the norm no:confused: But, that is Staten Island for ya. Joey Goomba and Paulie 2 times dont give a S about anyone else. And dont think for one minute they dont know what they are doing, they sure as **** do and do it on purpose. I would have opened my mouth and said something......politely.
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