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guys,first, I wish you all a very happy & healthy
new year and hope that Santa was good to you this year:)
I need some info please, does anyone have any
informations on the big Jamaica sailing out of Brielle? I'm trying to give it a shot next week & I was wondering if you guys can help tell me if it's worth it to help me make a decision.
I hear they are bottom fishing for cod,seabass etc..also,how is the Capt, the mates and boat?
Thanks guys.

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A great trip if you catch a break with the weather. The catch is mostly BIG to HUGE seabass with a few hake, cod and pollack. Sometimes doggies can be a problem, but they usually move pretty quickly when that happens. The boat is very quick, but IMO is a little overworked and in need of just a little TLC--Nothing that is unacceptable to me. If you get a bunk, don't expect the accomodations to be plush. The mates worked hard on the trips that I have made with them and I have always left a nice tip.

For rigs, I use (3) 3/0 Gamakatsu baitholders on large dropper loops, but if you are looking for cod or pollack you can go to a larger hook. For weights they tell you to bring lead up to 20 oz, but I have never used more than 12 on there. Braid is a big plus due to the depths that are fished. If it is going to be very cold, a stern spot helps to get you out of the wind, but some people don't like the diesel smell from the generator back there.

I have not gone yet this year, but in the past the fishing has been amazing! I am talking seabass that average 2 - 3 pounds and 5+ pounders are not at all uncommon. I went last year in the early spring and had over 60 seabass like that, but this year you are limited to 25. I suggest that you wait until their website is reporting solid fishing as it seems that the warmer water temps have slowed the migration so far this season. I am going to try and make a trip at the end of the January or in February if the weather gods and my schedule can make a compromise. Post a report here and let us know how you do.


I just wanted to add, put yourself on their email list and they will send you a weekly report to keep you updated on the fishing...

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