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The BEST "Downeaster" Thread I've Ever Seen

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Go here and let each of the 4 pages build and try to name each of the boat's builders:

THT Downeaster Thread

I gotta say that I've looked hard at these boats for years on the water and in the National Fisherman and I didn't get all that many right.

Except those gorgeous "RP Boats" models and that one General Marine 26...

Those are pretty unmistakeable.

Good fun reading if you have the time.

rgds, Leprechaun


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Although the Novi boats are NOT...

Considered "Downeast" boats. They are "Novi" Boats. There are differences, such as the Novis like to haul from the starboard stern quadrant unlike the Downeasters. also the boats usually don't have a trunk cabin. If they do it is very low profile. They have flairing bows with little forefoot to the hull. And all the hulls have "rocker" to them, which help the boat preform in a following sea. You have to remember it is always blowing 20 knots up there so these bost are great in heavy seas. My friends' Dad has a 42 Provincial -- the boat is a BEAST!
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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