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Well guy?s the date and time is set!!!!
We will have the Venue for the 7th of FEB. Friday night. The time will be around 8:00 pm ? 8:30 for arrival We will start the dinner around 9:00pm giving those that work late more of a chance to get there. And yes the owner will let us have the 4hr. time slot The cap is set at 70! If we do get an over whelming response the owner owns another hall which can hold 100. It is not what I would want to do but lets see how many paid guests we have in total first? WHAT I NEED FROM ALL WANTING TO COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!>>>>>>>
I need every one to email me at my [email protected] with there screen so I can make a 1 time contact list . Make sure this is a valid email address I can respond to if not you will not receive the info! When you are on the list I will send all the info to you where to mail your Money order or check! Guys please don't bounce checks make sure you have funds it will only cost us all!!!!!!! The restaurant was absolutely great and the food was 4 stars!!!! The owners took the time to sit with us and enjoy drinks on the house and said they will accommodate us anyway they can. So the cut off date for the checks will be Jan. 7th ,2003 you must be paid in full by then to make the list! This gives me 1 month to put everything together. So please make my life easy and get the emails to me so I can make the list asap. Try to hold off on pm?s for now getting to many to keep up with . Email is better. Thanks again and I don?t mean to be pushy but Baywatch and myself have a lot of work to do and the payment is the only thing we need to get started.
Thanks again and the first 70 will be offered the seats. I apologize to any one here about the cap limit but this is a first time event and we will have many more in the future if things go well and the number s will get bigger and bigger in time See you at the BASH
GUYS if you have emailed me before 12-08-02 you need to send me another email to put you on the inforamtion coctact list please!!! No pm's were add to the list you must send a email and only email s will be added to the list!!!!!! Thanks
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