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The 2nd amendment case in the supreme court

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Will it change anything ?
Do you think Ny'ers will get the right to own machine guns ? Federal law allows citizens to own them ( special permit needed) but NY banned them. Its just like the situation in DC. If federal law allows automatic weapons then NY has to allow them . Right ?
also, NY doesn't allow rifles with less then 16 inch barrels. Federal law allows short barreled rifles as long as you pay a special $200 tax.
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Maybe you ought to read what this case is all about. Strictly has to do with the question 'Can DC ban HANDGUNS'....nothing to do with automatic firearms etc.

LOTS of people are watching this one very closely....but it seems all will be OK by the types/tone of questions asked by the Justices.

Another example of the 'thin edge of the wedge'.
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