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As EC said in his post the tog at 17 are spread over a large area
They swim along slowly close to the structure wondering around

And because their motabolism is slowed due to the colder water they are less interested in food they glide alone nibling on things as they go along close to the structure on the bottom.

On the rigs that most use in shore
the the crab lays on the bottom
which is okay because the Tog are more agressive, because they are hungrier,there is more competition from other togs that are close to each other due to smaller inshore pieces so the inshore bite is much harder and persistant
The tog is got to find the crab once he smells it and eat before the his buddies do

At 17 the tog is swimming along not that hungry and comes up on your crab laying on rock,now he is not really that hungry,he is not in a hurry because his competetiton is all spread out,so what does he do?
He nips at the crab maybe pull a leg,nose it around which drives you nuts a 100 feet above.

Now I use a rig which (1) puts the crab in a position that a lot of togs in a given area can not only smell the crab but see it from a distance and (2) make them hit it hard and fast.

I call the rig a 17 high rig.
This rig you have to use a heavy sinker and fish the line as tight as possible straight up and down no slack and use spectra line

When you get a hit which 99% of he time it"s going to be a hard and fast tug you got to stick him hard and reel fast don't wait for 2nd hit cause there won't be one.

The way to make the rig is to tie a 4 to 5 inch leader 1 1/2 to 2 feet above the sinker.
Slide a # 3 Virgina hook down the leader so it slides free up and down the leader and then tie a 2nd #3 to the end of the leader.

Now take a crab stick both hooks in on oposite ends of the crab with the barbs exposed.

Take the sinker and tap the shell just to crack it so the juices leak out

What this rig does it holds the crab above the bottom where a tog can see and smell from much further than it if was just laying on the bottom
The one thing a tog hates is to be a way from the security of his rocks.
So when he smells and sees the crab above the rocks he will dash up and grab the crab hard and try to carry it down to the safty of the rocks where he can take his time playing with it.

When he makes that grab you got to stick him fast.
You'll find that you snag a lot of the tog in face and some times in the side or even the tail when tey turn around to swim back down

I hope this info helps some of you do better with togs in deep water.
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