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Let me start by saying that is by far my favorite site--FISHING or NONfishing.
On one of the other forums here spoke of another site that is similar to this one. { I dont see how thats possible}
However I sure would like to see it. Can somebody here please tell me the name of that site?
I hereby swear on the following :
1- one stack of huge Blackfish
2- private chater with Togmaster & EC { where I would not fish, just sit there and watch the kings work}
3- 1 undiscovered piece of bottom at 17.
4-calm winds
5- hungry Tog
Sounds fair enough to me. Seriously though---I really wanna see what that " other site " can do.

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It's the best site in the whole wide world. Its moderator blows E.C Newell Man and Togmaster away with his knowledge of bottom fishing (particularly) Blackfishing. All in all the other site knows everything, super-dupper-captains. Also known as arm chair captains.


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I personally don't give a hoot what the other site is...... I check them all... I am not going to say that this site is better then the " other " one!!! I enjoy the info that I get from all the sites......If there is segration between sties, I might just delete some from my favorites. Time for all of us to grow up ... agree ???????????

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Ummm, GradySailfish . . .

It wasn't '**************.com" that was being referred to on that other Nor'east post board.

Its somewhere else, far, far, away.

Maybe down New Jersey way.

(Hey, maybe I should be a poet instead of a broken-down bottom fisherman.)

rgds, Leprechaun

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Ladies and Gentlemen,Hoboes and Tramps,
Cross-eyed mosquitos,and bow-legged ants.
I will tell you a story I know nothing about.
Admission is free,pay at the door
Pull up a chair,and sit on the floor.
One bright day,in the middle of the night,two dead boys got up to fight.
Back to back,they faced each other,
Pulled out their swords,and shot each other.
A deaf policeman heard the noise,and ran to kill the two dead boys.
If you do not believe that this lie is true,go ask the blind man,he saw it too!!!

The OFF season,what's that?
Well,now ya know !!!!!!

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I dont read one site,one newspaper or watch just one news program.I listen to all advise and opionions and learn from them all. I take with me that which I care to and leave the rest.If I disagree with someone it doesnt mean friendships and respect go out the window.Anyone can learn SOMETHING from somebody.
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