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Thanks to all our friends.

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We would like to thank all our old friends and new ones too for coming to visit us for the Grand Opening of our new location at 23 River Rd. in Sayville last weekend.
We have tried to stock the shop with the best of fishing kayaks and accessories available.
We are fishermen first and our staff is made up with some of the best kayak fishermen on Long Island. Steve "Hooper", Eric "KayakFisherman" and Tony C. are just the start. Their knowledge and experience is willingly shared.
Keep your eyes open for an announcement coming soon of another great fisherman who will be joining the Captain Kayak Hobie Team.
Our instructional staff led by ACA Instructor Trainer Elizabeth O'Connor is available for every level of instruction for every type of kayak.

Thank You for your support,
Capt. Jerry & Suzanne Collins
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Good luck with the new store and location. Looked good when Katrina and I were there. Sent a few more interested people your way over the week when we were out camping/fishing/kayaking. They were amazed about the Hobies and being abble to peddle them. Hop they get in contact with you. Thanks again from the both of us.
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