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Thanks, Capt. Neil!

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Just a note of appreciation for your help with guide spacing. I just finished a Lamiglas Graphite 1321M for my uncle using the new TiCH guides. We used the spacing methods you showed me last December. After the static deflection, we went to the ball field and dialed in the stripper setup (in the snow!). I wrapped it with a metallic teal underwrap and black overwraps. The diamond wrap is metallic silver HT braid, metallic teal HT braid and purple thread highlights. Its all topped off with three coats of flex coat lite. He's putting a VS250 on it and those bass are in trouble now!
By the way, I used the following method for making a name decal:
Using the computer, I found an appropriate font and size for the signature. I then printed it on clear decal paper. At this point, I tried just sticking the decal on the blank, but it didn't stick well enough. I placed the decal on a piece of glass, then put satin scotch tape over it. Next, I traced the signature with a paint pen (white) and let it dry. Peeled the tape off the decal and applied it to the blank. Two coats of flex coat lite later and it looks great!
Again, Capt. Neil, many thanks for your help! My next project is the PacBay Sabre 11'6" stick we set up that day.
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