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For those Noreast members that attended my ?chunking? seminar ? There were many topics discussed and for those who didn't take notes - here is a quick recap of my session. ;)

- Understanding the ?magical? chunking windows and fish it via holding your rod. (no dead sticking).

- Obtain proper trophy chunking tackle and rigs (Minimal 11? rod / heavy braid / 80 lbs. shock leader / Big hooks).

- Understanding the bunker migration and learn how it relates to your local waters.

- Locate the fish highways and find the productive points.

- Best times and areas to fish from Spring to Fall.

- Compromise your schedule and fish the non-human hours.

- Be calculative and fish around the slack water phases.

- There is a distinctive time for plugging and a time for chunking! Be an opportunist fisherman and chunk during the slow plug periods. That?s how one can maximize their time on the water.

- Appreciate the trophy bass and release them when possible.

- In this busy world we live in? Take someone fishing and don?t forget to teach a young one.

These are just some of the chunking topics I covered in the short time I had? All in all, thank you for the opportunity and wishing you all a great fishing season.

Hope to see you on my coming seminars. :)

Catch?em up!

?Crazy? Alberto
[email protected]


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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