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Capthookem, tempature vs. bait?? Bait. I can't tell you how many times I ran right through that 20 Fathom curve area last year and it was boiling with life only to get to my planned destination further off on a nice piece of real estate, that had no life. That 20 Fathom curve is real nice real estate in itself, and hindsight being 20/20, I think I will pay more attention to that next year, at least when I see life there. I think sometimes we overrun the fish, plenty of good fish have been taken over the years in that area.

I think you are better off going with your 1st. instincts, don't doubt them, don't think it to death, and don't be bent on a mission, just go with the flow so to speak. Also, what I think is very important, do your homework, find out who's caught what, where, you want to be on top the latest "fresh" news.


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Bait, no doubt about it. The other two criteria are just simply surrogates for bait, since bait is usually associated with structure and temperature breaks. I've caught fish in the "middle fo nowhere" when there was bait around and struck out over good structure with a good temp. break when there was no bait around. in fact last year, those three eyes that we caught were caught up on the flat in an area I was working just because there was a lot of bait around.

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I look at this way - when we're hungry, we go the store or restaraunt for food, so when the fish are hungry, they look for the bait (aka restaraunt).

With sharking, I don't neccessarrilly lokk for bait. I look for good water, temp and some structure. How many times have we basically fed teh shark too much and didn't even know it? A little help here Larry - the story have basically hand feeding the mako bluefish and then he was done and gone.

Tuna - in the canyon, it's bait baby. I'll stay within that area of bait, whales, dolphins, etc. - I'll make sure I troll close to the pots so I can find some good pots with bait for the night chunk. Also, hook up well when trolling close to the pot. About 50 feet after passing close to a pot, we hooked up with a 187 yellow in early July.

Just my opinion.

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Easy one. The presence of LIFE! The food chain. Although sometimes we pass it up in our attempt to get the presence of of with temp & structure. We have caught many fish in the middle of a desert, when there is life on top.
I think in looking for life that birds play a major roll in helping. The Shearwater who is gracefully hunting the area or sitting on the water always a good sign, that something is going to happen. The Petrel, or the clean up crew as a call it. They usually come after the big feed to clean up.
No matter what pelgic you target, if the birds aren't there and all you have is a sparrow in your slick you might what to make a move.

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machts nichts

Hi all:
This sounds like which came first,the chiken or the egg?MMMMMMMM

All have great answers.

When you find changes , you will find the bait. Near Shore , Inshore , Offshore , where you go, the thinking remains the same.
The structure will hold the fine food that small fish/crabs etc feed on
and we feed on the fish that feed on them. Y A O W Z A !!
I've been lucky to fish just about all over this watery ball and find the structure, YOU will find the bait and ERGO , your quarry (?) I'm not a grammarian, so be patient with me.
Look at the bay flats. Find an an edge and you find the bait and the fish.
Look at that 20 fathom curve. Same thing.
Look at a wreck and ...the same thing.
Same thing at the canyons. If you've never fished a place before...find the structure and the bait and fish will not be far behind.
Those whales and birds found teh bait/fish. They know the highways and byways that the fish travel,structure. It's their feeding/resting way stations in their lifes journey.
Thanks for letting me put in my two cents.
Keep your feet dry and catch 'em up!
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