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Temperature Breaks

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When you guys are reviewing your Sea Surface Temperature Charts what temperature breaks are you looking for?

Is it a 4 degree difference? 8 degree?

Also, for those of you that use Terrafin, have you been able to get a clear shot of the offshore waters this week? I use which is free and I have not seen a good shot this week. The best I got was today, but its yesterdays temps.(see below) Is is worth it to sign up for Terrafin? Will I get better shots?

Thanks in advance.


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it's not just about temperature breaks

You need the right water color, clarity, currents or current direction, with structure below and thermal contouring lines that are close which means rapid temperature increase or decrease. Two or three degrees is enough to concentrate baitfish and locate the predator species you are fishing for, but bigger breaks are nice. Finally after you have the above, without bait, gamefish will not be highly prevalant in an area and even if they are found, they will not stay there long if baitfish are not around.

With today's technology fisherman who combine most of this to find fish will save fuel and increase fish hookups. You don't have to have all of the above, sometimes just a strong temp. break is enough without the rest, but you need to be targeting the right temp's for the offshroe species you are taregeting as well, as different fish like different temperatures but will come to surface to hit bait regardless if it's outside of its preferred temp range.

As far as your question on the best temp. charts, I use roff's or offshore satellite services are both very good and have much more information than just temp breaks, i'm also member of which is a good serivce these are all pay for services but have exact lat/long, and reports from commercial and members recreational with where the hot spots are fishwise as far as hookups etc......, most tournament pro's use pay for services you can check when offshore with sat. phone for updates while out there.

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