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Temperature Breaks

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When you guys are reviewing your Sea Surface Temperature Charts what temperature breaks are you looking for?

Is it a 4 degree difference? 8 degree?

Also, for those of you that use Terrafin, have you been able to get a clear shot of the offshore waters this week? I use which is free and I have not seen a good shot this week. The best I got was today, but its yesterdays temps.(see below) Is is worth it to sign up for Terrafin? Will I get better shots?

Thanks in advance.


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I'm not a pro, but I've used roffer's, oss, and terrafin. I like terafin because you can look at it every day and get a sense for movement, plus it's just fun to watch at work. I also like oss, but it's pricey.

Temp breaks with as little as a half a degree can produce well, and sometimes the larger breaks won't hold more than afew squid.

There are three "breaks" to look for - temp, structure, and water clarity (turbidity). There is a fourth, but we have no way to measure it so who cares - it's the depth of the warm water. Sometimes you can pick up a thermocline with a sounder, but that is hit or miss and you don't really know the temp gradients at different depths.

It was interesting that a few weeks ago when the only boats who were catching fish were in the exact spot that turbidity charts showed a break - on the flats north of the dip. There wasn't a sharp temp break up there, just slightly greener water. But the yft were there.

Right now, the temp breaks don't seem to be making a difference because the fish aren't around. Hopefully that will change.
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