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what's the best way to make the tail loop for through wire plugs. I ruin mine (at least looks wise) most of the time

I don't worry too much about the looks...I'm way more concerned about reliability, but I get pretty good results in both departments with the following:

I have several nails spiked into a piece of 2x4, ranging in size from 8 penny on up to 12 penny...after I drove them in I cut off the heads with a sawzall so there are a half dozen headless nails sticking up out of this 24" piece of 2x4 that's nailed down to my workbench...
I use ss wire throughwired and after I have the hook eye bent & ready I put the wire through & out the back, then select the size nail I want for the rear hook eye, back the plug against it, pull the wire up snug, then wind it around the nail, take three turns back around the throughwire & clip it off...primitive but it works, if you can't "see" what I'm talking about, e-mail me & I'll send you a rough sketch...(very rough, I'm no artist... :) )

Jerry Vovcsko
East Bridgewater, Ma

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