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does anyone tag the fish they release? If so maybe you could give me some info about the subject
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Sure - we tag sharks....

I tag sharks as part of the NMFS ~ National Marine Fisheries Service.

They provide the tags and the index cards that you need to fill out when you tag a fish.

All the information WE provide is used for studying the migratory habits of these magnificant machines!

The send every "tagger" a bulletin each year with tons of statitics ~ how far sharks have travelled between captures ~ the time at liberty between captures ~ etc.

They do a wonderful job with the research ~ and as if that isn't enough ~ they send embroidered NMFS SHARK hats if you return a tag or if your fish's tag gets returned by another fisherman!

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......also in the kit!

You will also get a "tag pin" in the kit so that you don't have to spend money on a fancy tag stick.

You can use any old 5-6 foot broom handle and drill a hole in the end of it! Then, sink the pin that they give you in the kit ~ BAM ~ a custom tag stick for FREE!


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