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Taco Outrigger Mounts

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Has anyone used Taco's Grand Slam Fixed Top Mounts that bolt to plates on the hardtop? I am interested in adding outriggers to my boat this spring, and have been looking at these mounts because you can operate them from under the hard top. I was wondering how people like them. Also, does anyone know of a mobile welder in the Patchogue area who could come to your boat to weld plates? Thanks for any help.

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From what I've been told about riggers is that you want the stiffest you can get.There is no reason for riggers to flex,thats why you see the cable set ups on the really big spreader jobs.In my opinion from what I've seen with telescopic rigs is that they will work and are very inexpensive however they appear flimsy,flexable and probably won't go the distance.I've been on a charter when the release clip didn't release and the almost 30' pole was bent like an 'L' before the mate could release the line from the clip,and that was an aluminum pole.Telescopic poles are very light weight.I perfer heavy duty aluminum poles that screw together. 16' is a good length for 25-26' boats. Sorry I can't help you with the TACO holders,maybe someone else can.
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