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Taco Outrigger Mounts

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Has anyone used Taco's Grand Slam Fixed Top Mounts that bolt to plates on the hardtop? I am interested in adding outriggers to my boat this spring, and have been looking at these mounts because you can operate them from under the hard top. I was wondering how people like them. Also, does anyone know of a mobile welder in the Patchogue area who could come to your boat to weld plates? Thanks for any help.

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Mobile Welder......

Vinney the Welder from East Moriches is mobile compatible.

He may also be able to answer questions about the TACO Gran Slams.

I had him install the LEE Sidewinders in the T-Top he built for me.

They can be operated from below the Hardtop, plus the are a nice outrigger.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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