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T-Top on Smaller Boat!- Opinions

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Hi folks, I was wondering whether or not a T-Top would be a good addition to my 19' Center Console, or whether or not it will just be in the way. Looking for opinions form those who have a similar setup.
Thanks, Don
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Depends on what type of fishing you do. It's great for trolling and bottom fishing, but if you like to chase fish and cast to fish, it definitely gets in the way. When I started playing with a fly rod, I decided my next boat would have minimal obstructions. I bought an Scout 18 with no top, no bimini and am very happy with it that way, but if I was sitting anchored or trolling, I would want a T-Top.

Hi Doca3,
I would like to see some more of your replys, I was going to ask the same question myself, I have a 1997 19' c/c Key West myself, and have a sunbreller, that is brand new I only used 2 days and found out it got in the way of my fishing, but there are times when you would like to get out of the sun.
Where do you fish? I fish in the LI sound in Smithtown Area

NIte Watch
Hi Nite,
Glad to hear I am not alone on the T-Top issue. I fish out of Rhode Island, actually out of Charlestown. I mainly fish Block Island, Watch Hill, and Point Judith areas.

The decision is a tough one on the T-Top, I don't want to spend $2,000.00 only to find out it's an obstruction.....
I own an 18ft. Grady White Sportsman center console and ordered a bimini top from Anchor Canvas in Smithtown. They measured the boat and gave me options where to mount the top. I chose to have the top made so that it folds in the rear of the boat and lays across the splash well bulkhead and is out of the way. The mounting poles are secured with velcro straps when folded and lays down on top of the gunwales. I fish mostly with a flyrod and have no problem with the top folded. I use the top during the summer months when I take friends and especially kids on the boat. I remove it in the cooler weather so it's one less thing to wash down. Cabella's also sells a privacy enclosure that attaches to the bimini top frame so you can use a portable MSD. Hope this is helpful.
I have a 19 foot mako-I flyfish and cast poppers I have a custom bimini enclosure that completely encloses the cc or can be taken off in minutes it has increased my fishing days and does not get in the way at all cost was $1300 i have used it for 5 years its great. Amc canvas in coppaige long island makes it.the sides rollup or zip off
I fish out of a 22'Proline without the t-top. At times I get into situation where I'm glad I don't have the t-top. The bimini is nice. One nice feature of the t-top is the electronics box.

FV Moody Blues
Anyone ever try the "Bimini T-Top" that West Marine has for about $500??

Southwest winds always.....Seaox
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