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Swell Rider Sportfishing...Cape May BFT!!!

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Taking a well needed break at the end of July. I was invited to join capttrav and his group who are fishing with Bluewater Sportfishing out of Cape May,NJ..I had to jump at the opportunity since Capt.Kobey is a friend of mine and one **** of a fisherman, we fished BFT together in NC this past winter when he was running the Hooked UP and I was on the Swell Rider..It's going to be real nice to be able to just sit back and enjoy the ride..LOL...The main goal of this trip is to shoot some video's and spend time with some new friends. That's the best part of Chartering for me is the friends you make along the way.. Capttrav chartered my boat down in NC recently for a Jigging trip so I guess I did OK since he invited me on this trip..There's also room for 2 if anyone is interested. This is all Jigging and popping so it should be fun. Ken

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Ken..these should be some great trips
the tuna are starting to show up
Capt trav was over the other day picking his blanks for the season he should be ready:)
Capt Kobey from bluewatersportsfishing
and capt John from caveman are some of the best down there
they will be using the OTI rods and some custom jigging master rods
its a great chance to try the nice jigging stuff out.
they should be running JIGGING/ POPPING trips every week during the season
i think they are also giving away JIGGING prizes for certain size fish caught;)
hope you can win something
there is also a chance of another jigging boat(s) down there..i am sure you will see them when you get to Kobeys dock
i am looking for guys for JIGGING the 7th also

on the 22nd i may be able to make
depending on how the Mid-atlantic goes
i will be busy that weekend:)
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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