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Surface plug problems

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Seems like when ever I go to a surface bait (walk the dog type plug) the nose tends to dive and the plug becomes sub-surface.
I am thinking it may be the wire leader/snap that causes this but I obviously do not want to loose an expensive plug by going "bare-back".
Would a heavy mono leader work instead of the wire and are these effective against bite-offs from our resident gators ?
thanks guys
Great site and forum...
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other factors

Is the slack out of your line on retrieve? Some lines, leader and hardware may sink. Is the tip of your rod down towards the water or high. It takes a farely quick pump to keep them walking. If your not using the right speed and technique all of these factors can sink it. What line are you using? I find braid to be much more responsive to controlling that lure. The stretch from mono affects the techniques. I try to cast and pinch the line just before it lands to ake the slack out. As soon as it hits I reel the slack out and get the tention on the lure ASAP and immediately begin walking. It's alot of work to get a walking the dog type retrieve down. I sometimes switch it up and do an old school tip wip with the but of the rod between my legs. Hope this gives you some ideas to try and get that thing to kick up fish.
Good luck.
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